Protected game client (latest build 9211): Download CS 1.6
Current time: 13:02:03 08.16.2022


In order for us to provide you with the best effect from boost cs 1.6 we strongly recommend to consider a simple list of certain instructions and recommendation.

First thing to keep in mind: we cannot physically make our players to join your server. However, you can make it more appealing for players to connect. The more attractive your server looks the more chances are that people will want to join it.
  • AuthEmu: if you want our new players to come back to your server more often we recommend installing this module! It will allow our new players (Build 9211) to see avatars in scoreboard (just like in Steam) and players prefer servers that allow to see avatars and tend to stay there longer and come back later. Check out the installation instructions here.
  • Server mod plays an important role in cs 1.6 boost. Classic, CSDM and Gungame are quite popular and not only pull players into joining also tend to keep people playing longer on the server (especially mods like CSDM and Gungame with auto-respawn after death). If you want to save as many players on your server as possible install this plugin: amx_respawn.

  • Server Map is the most important factor. Popular maps draw the majority of players while servers with unpopular maps are massively ignored. We recommend this list of maps for a classic server:


    If you already have 15+ people playing this list will be more appropriate:


  • Additional resources always slow down the proccess of joining and thus low the potential online. Try to keep the additional resource to a minimum and always use FASTHTTP otherwise you will get banned.

  • In addition, remove Ping kicker plugins or at least set the maximum ping to 500-600. Although pingers may be annoing sometimes, not all of them are laggers. It's best to remove laggers manually. Allowing higher pingers on the server will increase your online to a suprising degree.

  • Use anti-cheats or always have admins online. Otherwise you may lose all of your online once a cheater joins and boost counter strike 1.6 will not be as efficient.

Following these simple pieces of advise will help you to maximise our effect and greately increase your online.