Protected game client: Download CS 1.6
It is forbidden to:
  1. Upload any DLL/EXE and similar malicious files
  2. Use auto-connect plugins
  3. Modify GameMenu, VGUI or practice any other forms of slowhacking
  4. Bind any default keys (W, A, S, D, SPACE, SHIFT, TAB), or to bind any forbidden cmds including CONNECT and SAY
  5. Boost fake servers
  6. Use any form of redirect
  7. Send any CMDs via SVC_DIRECTOR
  8. Change client rates (cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate etc)
  9. Use plugins that destroy player's game, like Pika, GameDestroyer, etc
  10. Kick/Ban players nammed Fullserver (just because of the nickname) or change the name. (!) You can ban them if they cheat, spam or violate other server rules. Why?
All servers MUST use FASTHTTP.
Servers that break the rules will be permanently banned.
Support Skype:

If your server or servers have a functioning website or forum with decent everyday traffic you can become our full time partner by joining our Referral Program and receive a permanent place in our MasterServer for one of your servers absolutely free of charge. For that we will ask you to put our backlink in the menu of your website, usually it is a top menu or a side menu, the link should be accessible from most of the pages of your website and be clearly visible.

Things to keep in mind:
  • You only receive one place for one of your servers
  • You receive place in the VIP list, not Boost list
  • If you remove the backlink, all of your servers get blocked permanently
Please contact us via Skype to get further details and join the program.
In order for us to provide you with the best effect from boost cs 1.6 we strongly recommend to consider a simple list of certain instructions and recommendation.

First thing to keep in mind: we cannot physically make our players to join your server. However, you can make it more appealing for players to connect. The more attractive your server looks the more chances are that people will want to join it.
    Server mod plays an important role in cs 1.6 boost. Classic, CSDM and Gungame are quite popular and not only pull players into joining also tend to keep people playing longer on the server (especially mods like CSDM and Gungame with auto-respawn after death). If you want to save as many players on your server as possible install this plugin: amx_respawn.

  • Server Map is the most important factor. Popular maps draw the majority of players while servers with unpopular maps are massively ignored. We recommend this list of maps for a classic server:


    If you already have 15+ people playing this list will be more appropriate:


  • Additional resources always slow down the proccess of joining and thus low the potential online. Try to keep the additional resource to a minimum and always use FASTHTTP otherwise you will get banned.

  • In addition, remove Ping kicker plugins or at least set the maximum ping to 500-600. Although pingers may be annoing sometimes, not all of them are laggers. It's best to remove laggers manually. Allowing higher pingers on the server will increase your online to a suprising degree.

  • Use anti-cheats or always have admins online. Otherwise you may lose all of your online once a cheater joins and boost counter strike 1.6 will not be as efficient.
Following these simple pieces of advise will help you to maximise our effect and greately increase your online.
After you order one of the offers including Turbo-Boost, Time-Boost and VIP your server is added to our Master Server. And that's how CS 1.6 boost works. That allows our players momenteraly notice your server in their in-game server list and therefore makes it able for thousands of potential players to join your server on a regular basis.

Turbo-Boost offers the best effect and helps to gain online the fastest way. When you order a turbo-boost for your cs 1.6 server it is placed in the upper list of our Master Server along with Time-Boost.

When you order Time-Boost your server is being placed in the top list of our Master Server along with Turbo-Boost thereby guaranteeing the finest effect for the whole period of 7 days.

VIP offers relatevely lower effect than Turbo-boost and Time-boost, but still provides you with online gain every day for the whole period of 30 days.
Weekly Time-Boost (0 slots left) - €5.00 (+ €0.65 fee)

No slots available! :(

Monthly Time-Boost (1 slots left) - €20.00 (+ €0.65 fee)

I accept the Terms and Conditions

Weekly Time-Boost has only 3 slots. Server is added for the period of 7 days. After the time is up, the server drops out. There are only 1 slots in Monthly Time-Boost. Server is added for the period of 30 days. After the time is up, the server drops out.
Monthly VIP (1 slots left) - €5.00 (+ €0.65 fee)

I accept the Terms and Conditions

My server has some regular players already

Time-Boost has only 3 slots. Server is added for the period of 7 days. After the time is up, the server drops out.

Time-Boost list (3/4 Slots):

Address: Time Left Connects Statistics 6 days 18 hours 27 min 13 sec Monitor 4 days 17 hours 14 min 45 sec Monitor 4 days 3 hours 15 min 37 sec Monitor

VIP list (14/15 Slots):

Address: Time Left Connects Statistics 28 days 6 hours 0 min 15 sec Monitor 27 days 1 hours 57 min 35 sec Monitor 26 days 12 hours 14 min 26 sec Monitor 24 days 1 hours 11 min 20 sec Monitor 21 days 23 hours 30 min 23 sec Monitor 21 days 13 hours 24 min 21 sec Monitor 17 days 13 hours 49 min 55 sec Monitor 15 days 22 hours 41 min 49 sec Monitor 15 days 4 hours 25 min 1 sec Monitor 11 days 16 hours 13 min 36 sec Monitor 5 days 18 hours 21 min 8 sec Monitor 4 days 18 hours 18 min 22 sec Monitor 4 days 5 hours 35 min 53 sec Monitor 3 days 8 hours 7 min 18 sec Monitor

Partner list (1/~ Slots):

Address: Partner since Connects Statistics 2018-06-11 15:16:51 Monitor